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All professionals at Summit Lakes Dental Care maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

David Beck, DDS

Dr. David Beck

General Dentist in Lee's Summit, MO

Summit Lakes Dental Care

Dr. David Beck completed his undergraduate studies in Florida where he attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables. He attained his Bachelors’ in Biochemistry and minored in Biology and Chemistry. David continued his studies at the University of Missouri- Kansas City where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. David began to build a foundation in the dental community working as an associate dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri. Later he joined a practice in Lenexa, Kansas and has now opened a new practice with his wife, Suzanne, in Lee’s Summit.

David maintains his memberships in the Missouri Dental Association and the American Dental Association. It is through these affiliations that Dr. David Beck continues to further his dental education and community interactions. 

In his free time David enjoys spending time with his wife preparing a meal, or relaxing with a good book. If in the mood for exercise, he prefers to strap on his running shoes and find some new neighborhood or distant trail. Whether he is exercising his mind in books or associations, or playing tennis to sweat out some energy, Dr. David Beck is a focused dentist who likes to take his game to the next level.

Suzanne Beck, DDS

Dr. Suzanne Beck

General Dentist in Lee's Summit, MO

Summit Lakes Dental Care

Dr. Suzanne Beck started her educational career at the University of Missouri- Columbia receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in music. She continued her education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry where she attained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

Suzanne has maintained her roots in Missouri while practicing dentistry and is a member of the Missouri Dental Association and American Dental Association

When not helping others smile more brightly, she cherishes the quiet times to read or play the piano. She also treasures spending time with her husband, David, whether they are cooking an amazing meal together, jogging through the neighborhood, or having a movie night in. One of her favorite indulgences after an invigorating run is the symphony. The combination of stimulating the body and the mind keeps Dr. Suzanne Beck at her best.

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